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Shenzhen YaRui Testing Co., Ltd. is a professional third-party laboratory that devotes itself to electronic product testing, inspection and certification. We specialize in product safety certification, electromagnetic compatibility, energy authentication, the international authentication and chemical testing projects. Our laboratory got the laboratory approval from TUV such authority certification institutions. Since our company founded, we insist on the aim of
We persist in adhering to the nature of services providing to our vast numbers of customers as well as resolving the problems such as nowhere to send samples, no longer contact, language barrier, do not understand which standard is applicable for your products and do not know how to deal with the difficulties after the testing is failed. We can offer you a professional, authoritative, convenient, fast all-round one-stop service to help your products get the certification smoothly and sell well all over the world. Our purpose is to help you obtaining international certification and delivery the goods smoothly in the fastest speed and lowest cost.
YRT Attitude
Convenient fast Test time is shorter, the cost is lower, our lab have got TUV certification bodies such as recognition, products can be directly do witness test in our lab, need not affected by the certification body test scheduling, greatly shortened the time certification. We are familiar with all kinds of certification process, can be quickly and correctly as you assess relevant operating procedures and save many assessment of waiting time.
Professional sincere Technology, the company has been deep in the field of safety for a long time, has been in line with the professional spirit and sincere attitude, not only safety information is rich, more profound experience has been accumulated, and gain more customers a wide range of affirmation, we have several senior engineers to evaluate your company’s products and test, and provide technical advice to customers, our goal is to help customers at the lowest cost with the quickest speed to the world safety certification, the smooth shipment, so the process is not just received the samples and test, also includes the initial customer safety advice or production stage of product development, customer’s sample into the test phase, after the completion of the case, the customer advisory services of Ann gauge phase (IPI, safety knowledge, to pay the fees, factory inspection, the factory received a.vn).
comprehensive Certification bodies maintain close relations with the rest of the world can provide authentication services around the world in an all-round way, our company will all the professional division of labor, to apply for work in order to improve the efficiency of the application, and provide a high quality of service. Process from the business of the company personnel sent by the quotation, at the end of the certificate of delivery, warehouse management, with the sample has the specialist is responsible for, and log on to the computer for future reference, to provide high quality service to customers, and the greatest protection to the rights and interests of customers to do.
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