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RF Telcom product Approval
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Wireless Radio & Telecom Testing

Staffed by senior engineers, our Wireless Radio & Telecom Department provides wireless radio & telecom testing services
to domestic and international electronics manufacturers. We have obtained approval/authorization from US (FCC), Canada (IC),
Taiwan (NCC) and experienced/cooperated with certification/notified bodies in Japan, Australia, Korea, and Europe.
We are able to help get the approval/certification of the product to market on behalf of manufacturers efficiently.

Service Items

Assist on product certification/approvals of international authorities.
Wireless receiving / broadcasting devices regulation testing / report issuance / certificate application
 services for a variety of  countries.
Domestic low-power emitters testing / debug / report issuance / certificate application services.
Communication product testing / report issuance / certificate application services.
Consultancy on international regulations and wireless / mobile phone / communications technology.
RF Testing / debug / report issuance / certification application services.
Mobile phone EMC testing service.
WiMAX EMC testing service.
CTIA TRP/TIS testing service.
MIMO testing service.
DFS Master/Slave testing service.
SAR testing service.
Product debugging & PCB layout.

Product Type

Type Products
Wireless Radio Products Wireless transmitter & receiver, security device, wireless walkie talkie,
wireless microphone, remote controller, wireless network devices,
image transmission system, blue-tooth, wireless keyboard / mouse,
and other low-power wireless transmitter & receiver.
Wireless Radio & Telecom Products 2G Mobile Phone, 3G Mobile Phone, 3.5G Mobile Phone
Telecom Products Corded phone, cordless multi-handsets, fax machine, answering machine,
modem, modem card, and other communication products.

Wireless Testing Service

Wireless Radio Testing Service
FCC Part 15 Subpart B
FCC Part 15 Subpart C
FCC Part 15 Subpart E
FCC Part 74
FCC Part 95
EN 300 328
EN 300 330
EN 300 220-1
EN 300 220-2
EN 300 440
EN 300 683
EN 300 328
EN 300 826
EN 300 422
EN 300 445
EN 302 502
EN 301 489-1
EN 301 489-3
EN 301 489-9
EN 301 489-17
EN 301 893
EN 301 357
EN 301 489 series standards
Taiwan NCC low-power Radio-frequency test / debug /
       report issuance
Certification service for Japan, Australia, Canada
       and Korea,  etc
WiMAX EMC Testing Service
EN 302 544 (2.5GHz WiMAX)
EN 306 326 (3.5GHz WiMAX)
EN 302 502 (5GHz WiMAX)
FCC Part 27 (2.5GHz WiMAX)
FCC Part 90 (3.5GHx WiMAX)

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