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Shenzhen Yarui Testing Co., Ltd. It is an independent and third-party testing laboratory established in strict accordance with ISO / IEC17025 international laboratory management standards. The establishment of Yarui laboratory aims to provide more authoritative, professional and convenient channels for Chinese electronic product manufacturers to enter the global market, including product testing, certification and technical support. At present, customers cover all provinces and cities in China, and the total number of service enterprises exceeds tens of thousands.

Yarui laboratory has a complete set of electromagnetic compatibility and safety testing equipment, which fully meets the requirements of international and domestic standards such as ANSIC63.4, EN50147, CISPR16 and GB /T6113. It can provide testing services for more than ten kinds of products, such as home appliances, information, audio-visual products, wireless and communication products, led, mobile phones, medical devices, mechanical products, etc. The laboratory is established and operated in strict accordance with the international standard ISO / IEC17025. At present, Yarui has been recognized by many international certification bodies, including TUV in Germany, EMCC, Nemko, IC in Canada, etc. The testing report of Yarui laboratory has international credibility. It provides one-stop testing and certification services for enterprises exported to the markets all over the world, and has won the trust of many well-known enterprises at home and abroad.

The technical personnel of Yarui are composed of senior experts and test engineers who have been engaged in international certification for a long time. They carry out tests according to CE, UL, IEC, GS and other standards, so as to provide customers with more effective and efficient certification services.

Since its operation, Yarui has been adhering to the service concept of "global certification through train, one-stop service", and has continuously optimized technology, service, delivery time and cost to meet the market demand of customers in the fierce competition. ARIC actively integrates resources with international certification bodies and government departments, integrates into the international testing and certification system, and establishes the authoritative certification brand of Yarui, the certification around you!

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