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Interpretation of the latest EU ERP TV energy efficiency regulation EU 2019-2021

In OJ communique l315 / 241, the European Union officially promulgated the supplementary regulation 2019 / 2021 of no1275 / 2008 for energy efficiency labels of electronic display products on May 12, 2019, and took effect on June 1, 2021. It will replace no642 / 2009 on March 1, 2021. The first paragraph of Chapter 6 shall be implemented on December 25, 2019.

The new regulations have the following major changes and adjustments

1. The scope of application is updated;

2. The new energy efficiency label and EEI calculation method are used. 3,

4. Requirements for equipment disassembly, component material recycling and related material labeling are added,

5. Increased requirements for spare parts and maintenance services.

6. Information validity requirements

01. The scope of application has been updated

The scope of application includes television, monitor and digital sign display, but does not include the following equipment:

1) Any electronic display with a screen area less than or equal to 100 square centimeters;

2) Projector;

3) All in one video conference system;

4) Medical device display;

5) Head mounted virtual reality device (VR);

6) Military and space use;

7) Electronic display is a part or component used for products covered by ERP instructions;

Appendix II does not apply to the following equipment:

1) Digital photo frame;

2) Broadcast display;

3) Professional display;

4) Security display;

5) Digital interactive whiteboard;

6) Digital sign display;

Appendix II does not apply to the following equipment:

1) Status display

2) Control panel

02. New energy efficiency label and EEI calculation method are used

1) In the new energy efficiency label design, the size and content of the label are changed: the new EU energy efficiency logo is used; the energy efficiency level is only divided into 7 levels A-G, with the highest level of a and the lowest level of G; the mode information of high dynamic range (HDR) is added; the annual energy consumption is changed to 1000h energy consumption; the QR code which can provide relevant information or links of products is added in the upper right corner of the label; TV size increases vertical and horizontal pixel resolution; energy efficiency regulations change to 2019 / 2013, etc.

2) New calculation method of energy efficiency grade

EEI adopts different calculation formulas. The new formula variables are only related to the measured power pmeasured and the screen area in the power on mode. The display and TV use the same calculation formula. In addition, the correction value of digital label display is added. Meanwhile, the pmeasured can be reduced by 10% for those with automatic brightness control function in accordance with Appendix II ABC function algorithm is not applicable)

03. A new energy efficiency standard is proposed

1) The new EEI limit replaces the original power limit

2) For mandatory menu and setup menu

a. The electronic display can be placed on the market with mandatory dishes in the case of initial activation proposing replacement settings

Single. If a mandatory menu is provided, the normal configuration should be set to the default selection, otherwise the normal configuration will be out of the box

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